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Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many reservations do we have in the United States?

    There are currently 565 federally-recognized tribes (bands) in the United States (including some 223 Alaskan village groups), according to the Bureau of Indian Affairs 2011 Tribal Directory.

  • What is the population of Native Americans in the US?

    2010 US Census figures total American Indians counted in the United States (excluding Alaskan Natives) were 3,976,137. Total number of American Indian and Alaskan Natives are 5.2 million.

  • What is the largest reservation in the US?

    The Navajo Nation, its over 27,000 square miles about the size of West Virginia.  The Reservation is located in the Western United States, including the states of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

  • What type of religion is predominant on the reservations?

    Predominantly, Catholic religion and Native religion.

  • How well is Christianity received among the Native Americans?

    Not very well because most of Native Americans view the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a white man’s religion and they want no part of it. We need to pray that God will do a work in their hearts and help them to see that he loves all men and that HIS GOSPEL is NOT a white man’s religion.

  • Do Native Americans typically have good jobs?

    Not really.  Most of the reservations are located in underdeveloped areas and as a result, Native Americans experience very limited job opportunities.  In fact most Native Americans have no jobs or job opportunities.  The majority of Native Americans spend their entire lives living entirely on the Reservation where opportunity is limited by the economic state of the Reservation's economy.  To put things in perspective, unlike most Americans, the majority of Native Americans are forced to live well below the poverty level.


  • Do all the reservations have their own hospitals?

    Yes, almost all the reservations have some type medical system located on the reservation, however they are poorly staffed and would be considered sub-standard by most Americans.

  • Do all the reservations have their own schools?

    Yes, most of their teachers come from other areas of the country and stay only during in-school season.  The schools usually suffer from a lack of resources which puts the children at a distinct disadvantage.

  • Do the Native Americans on Reservations speak English?

    Most of them do but some of the elders found in more secluded areas may not speak English but only their native language.

  • What do Native Americans prefer to be called?

    For the most part, Native Americans or Indians, as they are often referred to, prefer to be called "Native Americans".

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